Playing bodhran with Meryl Streep!

I'd never dreamed that one day I'd be asked to play bodhran for Meryl Streep, but truth is stranger than fiction! This short video was the introduction for Lewis Black for a comedy night at Lincoln Center, to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research. John Bental plays guitar, I'm on bodhran, and that's veteran actor Joe Grifasi singing with Ms. Streep.

A short article for Allegro

I was asked to contribute to an article for Allegro,the monthly newsletter of New York's musician's union, Local 802. As it turns out, they took my comments and turned it in to a sidebar, complete with my own by-line!

Back in NY, from London

For the past year I've been in the UK, taking a sabbatical of sorts at Alchemea College of Audio Engineering in London. Great people, good course, I'm looking forward to the next recording projects! :=)

Not exactly news, but...

I found this recording of a Solas concert from (I think) 2002 in Denver, Colorado at the Blue Bird Theater. I hope Seamus won't mind if I upload a brief excerpt from the concert's finale... it always made the crowd very happy when Seamus played flute, and it was great fun grooving along with him! (Go to MUSIC page)

Riverdance 2007-2008 North American Tour

I'm happy to announce that I'll be rejoining Riverdance, The Boyne Company, for their next North American Tour which runs between December 18, 2007 through May 18, 2008. Cities include: Fresno, CA Sacramento, CA Eugene, OR Boise, ID Spokane, WA Portland, OR Seattle, WA Calgary, ON Edmonton, ON Winnipeg, MB Regina, SK Duluth, MN Peoria, IL Madison, WI Des Moines, IA Grand Prairie, TX Waterbury, CT Providence, RI Akron, OH East Lansing, MI Bloomington, IN Aurora, IL Columbus, OH Newark, NJ Raleigh, NC West Palm Beach, FL Atlanta, GA Dag, I'm going to have to get my road legs back! :-)

Zan Gardner

It was shocking news to hear of the sudden death of jazz singer Zan Gardner, who was killed in a car crash. I had the pleasure of working and recording with Zan many times over the years. Rather than trying to describe her, her music and her spirit, please read this article about her in The Philadelphia Enquirer, they say it better than I can. Zan, you are dearly missed.


Just finished a three week reunion with Riverdance, in Chicago, Wausau, and Buffalo. Great to see some good friends, hard to say goodbye, but looking forward to getting home to Brooklyn (the journey will commence in about 5 hours.) I put a new audio soundbite up on the "music" page, of Declan Masterson, Pat Mangan and me playing a tune in the hotel in Chicago...pretty fun. It seems that I like to write these updates in the wee hours of travel days. Call it "myspace-lite", without the spam. Cheers--

John Carlini Trio

Just played a fun gig at Shanghai Jazz in Madison, NJ with old friends John Carlini and Brian Glasman. Brian and I helped John start his own jazz group in the mid 90's, and we made a couple of fun CD's. It's been a few years since we last played, so it was like "gettin' the old band back together." :-) John is founding member of Dave Grisman's band, has done a great duo recording with Tony Rice as well as dozens of other cool CDs. If you like bluegrass and jazz, you've got to check him out. Tomorrow morning I'm off to Chicago to work with Riverdance for three weeks. Looking forward to seeing old friends and playing Bill Whelan's music again - it's a great gig. Peace--

Grey Gardens

I'm long overdue for an update, partly because this winter has been mostly about preparing, instead of actually doing. I've been subbing on the broadway show "Grey Gardens" which has been very challenging, fun and rewarding. And I'll be rejoining the Boyne company of "Riverdance" in April for three weeks while they're in Chicago and Buffalo. That's about it, really, everything else is bubbling below the surface, somewhere in the quantum field of infinite possibilities! This is the first winter I've spent in New York City for over three years, it's been really great to be home. All the best! -- SH

Bada Bing!

Season's greetings! This past summer, my friend Bob Harris, a great guitarist and record producer, asked me to play on a swinging, jump-style song written and sung by Lucy Clark. It was a funny, tongue-in-cheek take on an Italian family called "Jersey Bada Bing Christmas." With the holidays upon us, and the endless repeats of the same old Christmas songs, Lucy's song made a big splash when DJ Big Jay Sorensen of WJRZ played it on his morning show. People went crazy about it, the phones lit up at the radio station and it's now the number one requested song at WJRZ. Other stations are now picking it up, and people ordering the CD's like pizzas (literally!)

The Ticket

Hi, here's a quick update to the info below from last month. All is going well in New York at the Sage Theatre, where "The Ticket" is off to good start with it's workshop performances off broadway. The show runs at the Sage Theatre, 711 7th Avenue at 48th street, through November 26. If you're in the metro area, we'd LOVE it if you came to a show! (Tickets are about 18 bucks.) We're hoping that it gets enough momentum to keep playing in a new theatre in the near future. See the schedule page for details. Thanks, hope to see you soon there! Steve

Scotland and Mexico

Hola! After a nice summer haitus, I'm back with Riverdance for a bit longer, and this time we're touring Mexico. We'll be performing in six Mexican cities this month starting in Monterrey and ending in Mexico City. All upcoming dates are posted on the calendar. The break in the Riverdance schedule gave me a chance to go to Scotland and spend two weeks working with the Irish musical comedy "Improbable Frequency" performing at the Fringe Festival, Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. What a trip! The show was reviewed and rated 5 stars by both the London and Irish Times, and even got a proper nod from Sir Sean Connery, whose enthusiam for the show brought massive ripples in the quantum field, as one might imagine! This November I'll be leaving Riverdance to work on a new Off - Broadway musical, composed by two old friends of mine, David DeMichelis and Gary Bragg. "The Ticket" will open on election day in New York, November 7, 2006 at the Sage Theater in Times Square. It will be difficult to say goodbye to Riverdance and all the great people I've worked with on the show the past two and half years, but it's exciting to get back home to New York and start something new. Hope to see there--

The Boyne Company of Riverdance Begins New Tour

The 2006 Riverdance tour has begun! The journey begins with two weeks in Los Angeles, and the Boyne Company will work its way across the States and Canada through early July. (see the calendar page for more info, or check out Riverdance's web site, The dance troupe on this tour is amazingly strong, one of the best ever. Don't miss this one!

Vassar leaves us...

We are all so sorry to hear of the recent passing of fiddle legend Vassar Clements. He and his family have been an inspiration, and his music will live on and on.

Ampersand Records launches new website

Ampersand Records, the brainchild of flatpicking champion Bob Harris, is open for business with something for everyone. Loads of free MP3's, video clips, opportunities for independent artists and more. One noteable feature of the site is a video clip of a recent recording session with fiddle legend Vassar Clements, with Bob on guitar, Joe Dye on bass, and Steve Holloway playing drums and bodhran. The clip was taking from an upcoming television series featuring Vassar and company to be aired this summer. Visit the website at:

Improbable Frequency opens at Abbey Theatre in Dublin

From March 4, 2005 through March 21, 2005, Steve will be performing at the Abbey Theatre, Ireland's National Theatre in Dublin with the new musical, Improbable Frequency. "Fresh from its enormous success at the Dublin Theatre Festival 2004, and featuring the original cast and band, The Abbey Theatre presents the Rough Magic production of Improbable Frequency, a joyous musical satire that lifts the lid on Ireland's beloved neutrality." "…slick and seamless throughout, with touches of brilliance…a landmark achievement" (Irish Independent) "…fun, funny, intelligent, sophistocated" (Sunday Independent) "Immensely impressive…enormously entertaining" (The Irish Times) "One of the wittiest pieces of Irish writing since 'The Commitments'…the first great Irish musical" (Village Magazine)

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